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South Africa, through its universities and leading industrial role in Africa, is in the midst of the most untapped market in the world. Taking this niche area requires equipping South Africans with the skills to create wealth through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by developing software for the telecommunications industry and services.


Advances in science and technology are leading to the discovery of knowledge at an unprecedented rate; they also generate vast amounts of data which traditional information technology cannot cope with. The research and development of innovative methods for dealing with this information explosion and the development of new information dissemination technologies is the focus of the Telkom/Siemens Centre of Excellence for IP and Internet Computing. Intelligent information and communication technologies and applications will be developed for


1. Multi-modal semi-synchronous communications

2. Integration of sign and verbal communications


The significance of these emerging information and communication technologies will increase and play a dominant role in the global ICT industry in the next 10 years and beyond. It is thus important that South Africa develop research capacity in these highly competitive areas.