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The goals of the CoE includes the development of novel information and communication technologies that create a competitive edge for our sponsors and to train students in the development of high-quality software products.


The CoE aims to contribute to the building of South Africa's information society, to alleviate the country's lack of critical ICT capacity and to attract international students and staff by providing exciting research opportunities. In particular, we will


1. Further develop and grow our research capacity in order to grow a strong training and research base in academia to make South Africa an attractive training ground for ICT.


2. Strive to develop our prototypes into commercially viable product by our own graduates in partnership with the private and public sector thereby developing entrepreneurial skills in our students to take knowledge and skills generated through research into business creation.


3. Nurture and further develop our exisiting partnership with Telkom and Cisco through the Centre of Excellence for IP and Internet Computing and look to establish new, similar partnerships in order to strengthen ICT capability through research capacity building as well as redress in all sectors and to encourage the partners to invest in scholarships and chairs.


4. Attract postdoctoral students from around the globe to participate in our research projects to uplift the capacity for research at HEI.


5. Define, initiate and carry out interdisciplinary research projects, thus promoting collaboration between science and engineering and social sciences in ICT. Thereby raising the status and understanding of ICT and the use and management of information in all sectors.