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BANG projects

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PhD's underway

Mr L Gwaka (2016-). Community mesh network and food security in Zimbabwe [Institute of Social Development: Tucker, May]


Mr S Om (2014-). Scalability of village telco networks. [Tucker]


Ms P Chininthorn (2014-). Health knowledge transfer system for Deaf people and knowledge providers in Cape Town.[van Engelen, Diehl (Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft), Tucker]

Mr A Henney (2013-). Private information protection of video relay services for Deaf users. [Tucker]


Associated PhD's

Mr L Mdleleni (2014-). Pursuing tertiary education and scholarship from a rural area. [May, Institute of Social Development

Ms T Hussen (2014-).  Repoliticization of Social Movements among Africans in an Information Age: Case studies of the,#someonetellsaudiarabia, #FeeMustFall, and #BringBackOurGirls


MSc's underway

Mr G Carelse (2011-). Vertical handover to wireless mesh networks in the Internet Protocol multimedia subsystem.[Tucker]

Mr Z Roro (2011-).  Facilitating rural voice communication with a wireless mesh network. [Tucker]


Honours underway

 coming soon, in Feb







PhD's completed

Ms M Parker (2016). Investigating medicine use in the Deaf community: toward informing a mobile pharmaceutical application for Deaf users and pharmacists. [Bheekie (Pharmacy, UWC), Tucker]


Mr C Rey-Moreno (2015). Feasibility and impact implications of a participatory telecommunications operator in rural South Africa. [Simó-Reigads (Electrical Engineering, UJRC, Spain), Tucker]


MSc's completed

Mr TM Abdalla (2016)  Improving performance in mesh networks [Bagula]
Mr LS Duma (2016) Mobile application generalisation: an authoring tool for SignSupport [Tucker]
Ms GL Ngangom Tiemeni (2015) Performance estimation of mobile communication using traffic generation and monitoring on a mobile device. [Venter, Tucker]

Ms J Ufitamahoro (2015). Understanding the factors that influence trust in e-services. [Venter, Tucker]
Mr M Motlhabi (2014). A limited communication domain mobile aid for a Deaf patient at the pharmacy. [Tucker]

Mr Z Chitedze (2013). Mobility management for Wi-Fi infrastructure and mesh networks. MSc full thesis. [Tucker]

Mr RTL Hoorn (2012). Comparison and evaluation of mass video notification methods used to assist Deaf people. MSc full thesis, UWC. [Venter/Tucker]

Ms P Chininthorn (2011). Communication tool design for Deaf to hearing in South Africa. Mini-thesis + coursework at TU Delft [Freudenthal, Jouke, Glaser, Blake, Tucker]. Cum laude.

Ms ML Iraba (2011). Inexpensive mobile technologies to empower rural farmers. MSc full thesis, UWC. [Venter, Tucker].

Mr HI Kobo (2011). Situation aware routing for static mesh networks with mobile nodes. MSc full thesis, UWC. [Tucker]

Mr MT Meeran (2011). Real-time traffic and Quality of Service in wireless mesh networks. MSc full thesis, UWC. [Tucker]

Mr M Mutemwa (2011). A Deaf-to-hearing communication aid on a mobile phone. MSc full thesis, UWC. [Tucker/Norman].

Mr AO Poroye (2011). Secure contactless smart card transactions on mobile devices. MSc full thesis, UWC. [Tucker/Norman]. Cum laude.

Mr MS Saay (2011). Toward authentication mechanisms for Wi-Fi mesh networks. MSc full thesis, UWC. [Tucker]

Ms D Zulu (2011). Call capacity for voice over Internet Protocol on wireless mesh networks. MSc full thesis, UWC. [Tucker]

Ms YY Wang (2010). Browser-based and mobile video communication alternatives for Deaf people. MSc full thesis, UWC. [Tucker]

Mr DW Wanyonyi (2010). Mobile presentations with interactive chat for m-Learning. MSc full thesis, UWC. [Tucker]

Mr JC Looijesteijn (2009). The design of a Deaf-to-hearing communication aid for South Africans. Mini-thesis & coursework, TU Delft, [Freudenthal, Christiaans, Blake, Glaser, Tucker]. Cum laude.

Mr ZY Ma (2009). Synchronous techniques applied to asynchronous video conferencing for the Deaf. MSc full thesis, UWC. [Tucker]

Ms M Chetty (2006). Developing locally relevant applications for rural South Africa: A telemedicine example. MSc full thesis, UCT, [Blake, Tucker]. Cum laude.

Mr AK Adesemowo (2005). Affective gesture fast-track feedback Instant Messaging (AGFIM). MSc full thesis, UWC. [Tucker]

Mr EP Julius (2005). Guaranteed delivery of multi-modal semi-synchronous IP-based communication. MSc full thesis, UWC. [Tucker]

Mr X Vuza (2005). Social and technical issues of IP-based multi-modal semi-synchronous communication: Rural telehealth communication in South Africa. MSc full thesis, UWC. Cum laude. [Tucker]

Mr YH Wu (2005). SIP-based location service provision. MSc full thesis, UWC. [Radovanovic, Tucker]. Cum laude.

Mr T Sun (2004). Carrier-grade adaptation for an IP-Based multi-modal Application Server: Moving the SoftBridge into SLEE. MSc full thesis, UWC. [Tucker]

Mr V Naidoo (2002). Policy based network management of legacy network elements in Next Generation Networks for voice services. MSc full thesis, UWC. [Tucker]

Honours completed

  1. V Phidiso (2015). Video notification for SignSupport: success at last! [Tucker]
    Z Erasmus (2014). Remote sensor network for solar power monitoring [Bagula/Swart]
    C Lubamba (2014). Participatory healthcare system: Sensing and communication [Bagula]
    M Mandava (2014). Situation recognition and patient treatment prioritization for a participatory health system [Bagula]
    C Miya (2014). VibeSense: Song-based vibration and light notification for Deaf people [Venter/Tucker]
    Z Ntuli (2014). Adding a video notification reminder to SignSupport [Venter/Tucker]
    J Patil (2014). Web and mobile audio library [Tucker]
    S Sabiya (2014). SignCollect: Sign language-based data collection [Norman/Tucker]
    N Zincina (2014). Participatory Healthcare systems: Security, Confidentiality and Standardization [Bagula]
    LS Duma (2013) Pattern passcode and encryption for SignSupport (2013)  [Tucker]
    B Bongco (2013) Mobile video reminder for the Deaf and Illiterate User (2013) [Venter, Tucker]
    S Dayile (2013) Medical Advisor System (2013) [Venter, Tucker]
    T Zine (2013) Mesh Billing System [Venter, Tucker]
    C Malama (2012). Mobile Packet Monitor: Back end. [Tucker, Norman]
    J Martins (2012). Mobile Packet Monitor: Front end. [Tucker, Norman].
    M Chimbwanda (2011). Mesh routing protocol comparison for disaster scenarios. [Venter, Tucker].
    M Mothlabi (2011). Android based asynchronous sign language. [Tucker]
    W Nel (2011). Mesh potato phone number lookup. [Tucker]
    Z Roro (2010). Data mart visualisation. [Tucker]
    K Adamson (2010). Remote mobile data collection with rich media and visualisation. [Tucker]
    R Hoorn (2009). Web-based mobile sign language dictionary. [Venter, Tucker].
    H Kobo (2009). IP-based peer-to-peer push-to-talk. [Tucker, Norman].
    C Atuchukwu (2009). Web-based Instant Messaging service. [Venter, Tucker].
    D Zulu (2009). Asterisk-based voice relay. [Tucker]
    A Kerchhoff  (2008). Nomad HTTP-based mobile Instant Messaging (IM) service. [Venter, Tucker].
    M Mutemwa (2008). Bluetooth vibration to alert Deaf users using PC-based applications with their mobile phone. [Norman, Tucker].
    AO Poroye (2008). SIP-based IM prototype for mobiles. [Norman, Tucker].
    ZY Ma (2006). Asynchronous video to support sign language communication. [Tucker]
    P Legae (2006). Web-based Instant Messaging. [Radovanovic, Tucker].
    E Diedricks (2006). Generic database API for log collection and visualisation. [Radovanovic, Tucker].
    F Daniels (2006). PSTN/GSM gateway to support controlled PSTN breakout. [Tucker]
    M Jooste (2006). PSTN/GSM/GPRS gateway to support event notification and remote data collection. [Tucker]
    C February (2002). Web Chat/Virtual Reality Bridge. [Tucker]
    S da Silva (2002). Toll bypass bypass. [Tucker]
    M Gordon (2002). Scalable Voice/Text Chat. [Tucker]
    S Libalele (2002). Toll bypass bypass. [Tucker]
    Y Isaacs (2002). Scalable Voice/Text Chat. [Tucker]
    A Salie (2001). Online Post-graduate Admissions System. [Tucker]
    C Parker (2001) Visualisation of IP QoS Metrics.
    A Benjamin (2001). Voice Chat Arbitration for KEWL Web-touring.
    G Arries (2001) Cost Modelling for 802.1p Ethernet Priority Queueing Quality of Service for Voice Traffic.
    MZ Fakier (2000). Using BSP trees for Hidden Surface Removal (HSR) in an OpenGL Rendering Engine.
    S Byrow (2000). Video streaming over ATM.
    I Sigasa (1999). UNIX Device driver for video camera.
    T Paulse (1999). ATM QoS statistics collection with SNMP.
    R Jacobs (1999). Web-based Virtual Library.
    M Jeffries (1999). Web-based Examination Environment.
    S Kwinda (1998). Distance Learning on the Internet.
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